Unique Handmade Art Creations Styzart!!!

Unique Handmade Art Creations. Hats, jewellery, bags, gift ideas and paintings. All the creations are made by designer Styliani Zavoli. With eco-frendly materials and a lot of love. All the designs are unique and there is only one piece of every creation, so be careful and fast! Join me and discover new ways to be fashionable with unique handmade creations.

Handmade with love by Styliani Zavoli.


Our creations are 100% handmade, no mechanical tools intervene in their production. We cut the paper one by one, by hand and after processing we give it the final shape.

For B2B please contact us.

If you want to see our products in real time, you can call me and i will do a video chat with you.

If you have any inspiration for a creation, do not hesitate to call us, we are happy to hear from you and to implement it.

Unique Handmade Art Earrings


Paper is an environmentally friendly product, which I always admire. It is a transformable product that can be used in many ways. I, as an artist, learning quilling and origami techniques, learned to create shapes and so I created the handmade earrings collection. Each earring is a work of art, it is an inspiration and therefore cannot be recreated.

Unique Handmade Art jewellery


Inspiration has no limits and paper is a material that opens up creative horizons. So with the technique of quilling, origami and imagination I was led to create the handmade  jewellery collection with unique pieces and unique designs.

Unique Handmade Art hats


With the theatrical character that has possessed me since childhood, I liked hats. What could be better with a material I adore, chord, and guide my imagination to create my own unique handmade collection of hats.


Growing up among machines that make chord and watching Greek grandmothers knit, I decided to try this field too with a different visual look, more artistic. So I started to create a unique handmade collection of bags.

Unique Handmade Art gift ideas

Gift Ideas

My experimentation with the materials offered by our planet and my imagination, led me to create a series of various handmade ideas with very different materials, but with the same love, always unique, just as each of you is unique.

Unique Handmade Art paintings


My artistic sensitive side of me, couldn’t stay silent without creating paintings inspired by everyday life and my feelings. The classic way to express my filling is throw music and paintings, so I created a series of paintings.

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