Confused thoughts


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In my mind I put my thoughts in boxes. Every thought in a can, every can and an idea, a dream, a plan an expectation. Each box with different bright colors, patterns, all neatly in place….yet a light breeze brings a news a doubt, a why, a fear. The breeze becomes a hurricane, becomes a tornado, the colors fade into black and gray. The whirlwind takes a string and ties and drags all the boxes……and now what? Tomorrow what?, studies what? Future what? Finally the boxes got mixed up and I got lost….maybe not? In the chaos there are everything and the string will help me find them again. After all, I’m not lost, I’m here! How strong. I learned to untangle the tangle and the colors slowly turn red again and I tie them with gold thread so I don’t lose them.

Material: polypropylene chord, paper, glitter, varnish, paint, stretched canvas
Colour: red, black, grey
Dimensions: 35cm x 50cm


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