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In the difficult times we live in. You say our values are distorted and corrupted. Nevertheless, there are still nuggets of purity that we could cultivate, grow them.
Symbolism of the lily
Both the Greeks and the Romans held him in high esteem. They included it in dozens of their religious myths and developed its production.
Alchemists considered him a lunar plant with female qualities.
While lily is in great demand in China for weddings, because its name resembles the beginning of a phrase that wishes the couple “happy union for a century”. Chinese friends and family members also give the flower to those who have suffered a recent loss, because it is believed to help relieve pain.
The message of the lily is…
Purity in our hearts is the beginning of a clearer thought. By removing deceit and malice from our lives our decisions are more correct and the positive energy they give us makes us healthier physically and mentally.
Believe in your superiority and embrace your own strength. Remember that renewal is very close and that the end of one topic, heralds the beginning of another.

Material: paper, varnish, paint, stretched canvas
Colour: yellow, green, beige
Dimensions: 18cm x 24cm


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