The Cochlea


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The Cochlea is inspired by the most ancient symbol of life force, the Spiral. The Spiral movement symbolizes the way life is created, it is a symbol of Life Force in its active state, “Movement-Meeting-Change”, we find it everywhere in nature symbolizing the regions and the various ways of existence, highlighting the wanderings of the soul, the events and the return to the core. The questions of life and development, as a continuation of the change in life, the search for the history of man. The Spiral combines the shape of a circle, the Dynamic movement also symbolizes Time. As part of a smooth endless line, it also symbolizes growth, continuity, the rhythm of breath and life itself.
Carl Jung states that: The spiral is included in the archetypal symbols where they are found crystallized in the collective subconscious, they are encoded human experience that accompanies every human existence.

Material: polypropylene chord, paper, varnish, paint, stretched canvas
Colour: brown, gold, orange, yellow
Dimensions: 25cm x 35cm


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