Journey to optimism


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The Butterfly is a trapped soul in her quest for happiness. On her journey she encounters all kinds of flowers. Each flower had its own colours, its own ornaments. Some were bigger and some smaller. Every flower she visited left its mark on her. One gave her sadness, the other optimism, the other pessimism…. conflicting feelings, unable to influence and conquer her. At the end of the journey, she feels something calling her, something pulling her with great force. The enormous power came from a tiny little flower, without excessive colors but with a glow that came from the center of its being and magnetized her, made her optimistic and happy, made her shine. Finally, despite the difficult journey, her persistence led her to the perfect happy ending.

Material: paper, varnish, paint, glitter, stretched canvas
Colour: red, grey, gold, silver, black
Dimensions: diameter of the circle: 20,30,40 total: 80cm x 60cm


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